New DFL All-in-one V1.9 Data Recovery Software Upgrade

Dolphin team have been working hard to add new firmware repair and data recovery functions and in this new software upgrade-DFL all in one V1.9, users will get the following new features within Dolphin all-in-one data recovery tools.

New Data Recovery Features for DFL-DDP

DDP New Data Recovery Features

1,Disk image bitmap statistics improvement,more detailed data;
2,Partition info display improvement;
3,Data-only image improvement: users can easily mark all data-only sectors in all partitions or users can mark data-only sectors for one single partition;
4,Improvement on selective file extraction by head;
5,VHDX support has been added;
6,Data statistics during image has been added;
7,Possible to open sectors by double clicking on the bitmap;
8,Bitmap setup by LBA range has been added;
9,Sub-bit map has been added;
10,Dynamic disk(LDM) has been added;
11,Selective head image support for WD 8000XX (Spyglass/Palmer/Charger) has been added;
12,Toshiba hdd selective head image has been optimized;
13,Advanced codes improvement on the software;
14,Saving and loading source drive MFT has been added;
15,Starting and ending LBA are editable for partition image;
16,Export file list is added;
17,File listing speed for hdds with a large amount of files has been increased a lot;
18,Data synchronized to target hdd when operating on the file system;
19,FAT table auto repair is added.Very helpful for recovery when FAT is damaged or when hdd has bad sectors;
20,Bitmap file size is greatly reduced and users can save a lot of space.

ST Firmware Repair Features

1,Family 8c,5A,AF(LM HDDS) unlock has been further improved;
2,EB01 ROM read/write/Unlock;
3,Family A0 ROM read/write;
4,FW unlock improvement;
5,Permanent SA unlock has been added;
6,Family AD partial sector access new solution is added;
7,SSHD common repair-fast solution is added.

WD Firmware Repair Features

1,New WD families-Palmer/Charger/Spyglass) are added to be detected correctly but users need to swap with customized unlock PCB;
2,Head map editing in RAM for Palmer/Charger/Spyglass has been added;
3,Improvement on big-sized modules’ backup.

Hitachi Firmware Repair Features

1,Firmware read/write improvement;
2,ARM ROM read improvement.

Toshiba Firmware Repair Features

1,Firmware read/write improvement;
2,ROM read optimization;
3,MQ04ABF, MQ04ABD new family support.

Dolphin team will release newer software very soon with more new data recovery solutions.

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