Happy Summer Holidays To All Data Recovery Engineers

This is right now a golden opportunity to those data recovery engineers who have summer holidays and it’s a good time to relax your brain, release your body and take care of your family and life and after the summer holidays engineers can start again their data recovery business with fresh ideas and energy.

It’s a pity Dolphin Data Lab doesn’t have the summer holidays and keep working all the standard working days and hours and we keep researching on some new data recovery tools and solutions and when engineers come back from the summer holidays, engineers can enjoy working with these new stuff.

Some data recovery engineers have very busy schedule in the normal working days and we have had some experience with these engineers especially the clean room engineers. They are making use of their holiday time and research some new data recovery solutions to grow their data recovery capabilities. For these engineers and clients who buy data recovery tools from Dolphin Data lab, we have prepared some useful and great gifts for the summer deals.

Within our data recovery field, we all have some common pains and sufferings sitting most of the day time and even night time before the computers fixing different kind of cases, when this becomes our every-day life, we find our health is being eaten day by day and therefore I hope all of you can take care of your health and arrange your time wisely.

I recently talked with some engineers from Mexico, France, USA, Australia, Brazil and found they almost work each day and have over 14 hours’ working which is amazingly hard-working but I feel hurt to see them work like this way and worried about their health.

So We do want to say happy summer holidays to all of you and enjoy your time being relaxed!