Head and Platter Swap Section 2: Is Clean Room A Must For Physical Data Recovery

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We have recently received many inquiries asking to buy the head and platter swap tools from Dolphin Data Lab and some of them asked one question-is clean room a must for physical head replacement and platter swap?

According to our experience and many serious data recovery companies, the answer is definitely ‘yes’!

First, we must say data recovery is one serious art, to have one clean room or at least one clean bench will definitely maximize the physical data recovery success rate. To have one clean room or clean bench to handle the physically damaged hard drives such as head damaged hard drives, motor stuck hard drives or downgraded heads without r/w capabilities.

When engineers are working on head replacement and platter swap cases, it’s also one very important attitude to respect the clients and the clients’ data. When users disassemble the patient hard drives and expose the platters to the air, it’s possible the dust or particles in the air might damage the sensitive platters and then damage the data.

Engineers can DIY one clean bench or clean room by ordering some necessary materials, such as air filtering devices, etc. Due to the weight of the clean bench, it’s suggested users buy the clean bench in the engineers’ local market and engineers can save a lot of investment cost.

There’re many data recovery cases such as logical data recovery cases, firmware repair cases, bad sector recovery cases, these cases don’t require clean room at all, these cases don’t require to open the patient hard drives and users just need to connect the patient hard drives to the data recovery equipment or hdd repair tools to fix and recover them.

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