How To Fix Dead Hard Drives

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When we are talking about dead hard drives, we usually refer to those which doesn’t spin up at all, no hdd working sounds, no response and they look dead. Actually some of these so-called dead hard drives are still alive and these drives can be still repaired and recovered.

If the driver IC is burnt, the PCB won’t power up at all, users can swap with one donor driver IC or swap the whole PCB with original ROM/bios chip transferred;

If the PCB is burnt or other electrical components of hard drives are burnt, the hard drives won’t be powered on and won’t spin up at all. At this time, users just need to find one compatible PCB with the same PCB number from the same family and put on the dead hard drives and then manage to regenerate the original ROM to recover the data;

If the motor of the dead hard drives is stuck, users need to disassemble the hard drives and remove the platters to a donor hard drive to read data from.

There’re also some really dead hard drives which are impossible to recover:




Except above physically damaged hard drives, there’re also some cases which are dead cases:

When users have damaged hard drives but don’t have donor parts including donor heads, donor firmware and some right data recovery technologies and right data recovery tools, these cases are also dead cases.

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