Labor Day Holiday Notice-May 1-5 2021

Kindly be informed that Dolphin Data Lab Headquarter will be closed for International Labor Day holidays from Saturday May 1 to Friday May 5 2021, and will re-open for business on next Thursday May 6.

Like as usual, we will check and answer email during this 5 days’ holiday. Users worldwide can place orders without any issue. But all the product delivery will be postponed to May 6 since DHL carrier will be closed during this period.

Should you have any urgent issue and need immediate help, pls contact with your Customer Service Manager via email. We thank you all for your continuous support with us.

About International Labor Day
Everybody loves to spend time on their hobbies, no matter whether you love travelling, shopping, watching movie and etc. However, the truth is that we have to work. Probably the most lucky people in the world are those who are doing the jobs they enjoy.

This day was always meant for every worker, so if you have been feeling a lot of pressure or a bit underappreciated recently, today is the day for you to do what you feel like doing and treat yourself. Take the day off and go do something you want to do for a change, or just stop and smell the rose.

We wish you and your family happy holiday.