Latest Dolphin DVR Pro. V3.22 is Available

Dolphin team have released the latest CCTV DVR data recovery software-Dolphin DVR Pro. V3.22.

In this new software, Dolphin team have added one new DVR system: FIL_ASFM

As for this new DVR system, it is reported by one Dolphin user in USA. Dolphin team offered remote support to the user and analyzed the case. Dolphin support engineer took about 10G image for further diagnosis and analysis, it takes only one day for the engineer to add this new FIL_ASFM to support in Dolphin DVR Pro.

The second new feature is the combination of the DVR deep analysis and custom analysis algorithms and it becomes easier for users to select which analysis option to use. This helps the recovery with much higher efficiency.

The third new feature is the auto selection of the partition under the DVR device or DVR image file. This also enhances the dvr video recovery efficiency.

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