New DFL Seagate HDD Firmware Repair Program V1.654 January 2016

Dolphin Data Lab is releasing the latest version of DFL Seagate hdd firmware repair program Version 1.654 to all Dolphin users. Users can download the all in one setup program to get this upgrade from the user-only forum.

Users can use this latest software with FRP hardware, SRP hardware, PCIe-4x hardware, etc.

With this new Seagate hdd firmware repair program, users will become more successful in fixing damaged Seagate hard drives for both hdd refurbishing or data recovery purpose.

Users can get the following new functions and new improvements:

1, One click solution to fix SIM1002 error, before users can use this function, users need to manage to get the F3 T>;
2, Seagate F3 Hard Drive ROM Edit;
3, Seagate hard drive head map editing by ROM, even when the drives cannot be recognized, users can also edit the map and write new map within the ROM;
4, CAP, RAP, SAP have been extracted and listed separately from the ROM module and users can view/edit them/write new contents;
5, Perfect booting mode access to read/write ROM successfully without short connection;
6, Track test and track repair to fix many Seagate error messages automatically;
7, Generate CC49 adaptive ROM to be used for downgrading hdds with higher versions of ROM for fixing some SA locked drives;
8, F3 HDD zone listing and cutting zones;
9, Generate and write common firmware resources are improved;
10, Repair HDD by ABA scanning;
11, Original data of ROM is added: in case of any wrong modification, users can click Original Data to remove the wrong modifications;
12, Media Cache and Media Scratch Pad Control are added to recover more Seagate new DM series hard drives. After generating translators, drives with these problems will be automatically detected and ticked, users just need to untick them to get the busy drives ready;
13, more new functions are coming for Dolphin users…

Any question is welcome to or add to Dolphin Skype ID:

Within 2016, all Dolphin users will be more successful, cheers!