ST2000DM006 HDD Repair and Data Recovery Tips

ST2000DM006 is one Seagate desktop hard drive with terminal and firmware area locked, common users cannot do much if they lose data and don’t have professional hdd repair and data recovery tools.

ST2000DM006 belongs to 58 Family-Grenada. If the patient drive has firmware corruptions, users must unlock the drive first and then users can enter F3 T> and run the common repair solutions or input repair commands to fix the drive. Without unlock, users cannot do any operations on the firmware area.

Users with DFL seagate hdd repair tool is able to unlock the hdd and repair the damaged firmware modules successfully. Dolphin users can download the latest software from the user-only forum.

Dolphin Indian sales and support center has reported above data recovery case, after fixing the firmware corruptions, engineer open the DDP data recovery program directly without power off the hdd, and all lost partitions are recovered.

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