New DFL URE Signed Drivers Available for Windows 7 and 10

Dolphin Data Lab has created driver-free DFL SRP USB3.0 hardware and also signed drivers for DFL PCIe-4x hardware and now Dolphin support team have invested and created the new signed drivers for DFL-URE. For all DFL-URE users, users can now easily install the drivers by one click and start using it easily.

Users can watch the video below:

The following are the simple steps to install the DFL-URE with new URE signed drivers:

1, Download the latest software program from Dolphin official forum:

2, Install the software;
3, Connect DFL-URE hardware to pc;
4, Go to DFL-URE new drivers’ folder and select the correct driver folder, there’s one exe program for one click installation-PreinstallDrv.exe
5, Go to Device manager, scan for hardware changes;
6, Open DFL-Cpanel on the desktop, right click on one channel to generate one reg file, email this reg file to or give to users’ sales representative to get activation file;

7, Simply put the DAT activation file to the installation folder and the DFL-URE tool works immediately.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID: