New Seagate LM Partial Sector Access Solution is Available

Seagate LM partial sector access problem caused by translator regeneration without backup the original SYS 35 or SYS28 has been one of the most difficult cases to fix to get lost data back but now DFL data recovery engineers are able to fix such cases manually and in the near future, the solution will be added to DFL Seagate HDD firmware repair tools.

Seagate LM partial sector access problem can be caused by the following reasons:

1, Users don’t have DFL Seagate firmware repair tools and cannot read and write firmware modules or SYS files from the new LM drives and then users execute the translator regeneration command;
2, Users forget to backup the original SYS28, SYS35;
3, The translator damage cause 0 mb problem, users don’t backup original SYS 35 and regenerate translator;
4, The SYS28 and SYS35 fail to backup.

Until so far, no firmware repair tools can fix above cases automatically and engineers need to calculate the wrong LBA/PBA address and add to NGlist and regenerate the translator to fix the failure. However, this is time-consuming and difficult process for R&D engineers, not for common users.

Dolphin R&D engineers are trying the best to make the Seagate LM Partial Sector Access Solution available as auto solution in DFL Seagate firmware repair tool.

For urgent cases, users can send the cases to Dolphin head office to fix this kind of cases at affordable prices.

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