New Version Of DFL-FRP For Seagate Firmware Repair Is Available

Dolphin engineers have been working hard to make all our data recovery tools and firmware repair tools more and more powerful and we are releasing frequent upgrades to these tools for clients’ bigger success with us.

Now Dolphin Data Lab is releasing the version 1.42 of DFL-FRP for Seagate, users can work on two Seagate drives including the latest 7200.14 DM series to repair the firmware failures, repair bad sectors and remove passwords.Users will see the following new changes within this new version of DFL-FRP for Seagate:

1, ROM read/write to the latest 4k structured F3 drives;
2, SYS file read/write optimization and users can now read/write sys files by COM port;
3, F3 p-list editing function is optimized;
4, To scan defects and to add to defects list are greatly enhanced and it has good performance to handle bad sectors of 7200.12;
5, Software codes optimization to make the program work more smoothly;
6, COM mode optimization;
7, Green/red blocks standard time setting is added, users can define the standard time for red/green blocks and scan the drives;
8, Compatibility issue between different DFL-FRP hardware is fixed and users can run multiple FRP hardware at the same PC;
9, Improve the efficiency of drive readiness;
10,ID read efficiency is improved;
11,F3 common fw write is improved.
12,Fast common firmware solutions such as F3 Dos Fix, Smart Fix, MCMT fix and Sim error 1009 fix are added.

DFL-FRP for Seagate has become one very powerful Seagate firmware repair hardware equipment and users with it will achieve big success with our documents and video instructions.