Dolphin Data Lab has again upgraded its Seagate Firmware Repair hardware tool-DFL-FRP for ST and the latest version is V1.43.

We have added many new Seagate hard drive firmware repair functions and optimized some existing functions so that users will enhance their success rate a lot.

Quick view of the latest changes within this new version:

1, New function of entering booting code to read/write ROM without short connection is added by COM port. This function is very helpful to save time and enhance success rate of Seagate firmware repair when the ROM write is required; Read more

Dolphin engineers have been working hard to make all our data recovery tools and firmware repair tools more and more powerful and we are releasing frequent upgrades to these tools for clients’ bigger success with us.

Now Dolphin Data Lab is releasing the version 1.42 of DFL-FRP for Seagate, users can work on two Seagate drives including the latest 7200.14 DM series to repair the firmware failures, repair bad sectors and remove passwords. Read more

Within our data recovery jobs, we usually meet the following error messages in the terminal mode for Seagate hard drives.
7200.10 and the older ones

* The hard drive is detected normally
Interface task reset
1024k x 16 buffer detected ALPINE – 1_Disk S.15 01-16-03 11:51 Head Mask 0000 – Switch to full int. Spin Ready 3.06 05-13-03 14:11 (P)PATA Reset Master Read more