DFL-DE 데이터 복구 하드웨어

DFL-DE 데이터 복구 하드웨어

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Please note: DFL-DE alone won’t fix all your cases, different tools are used for different cases, please read the following to learn what DFL-DE can do for you before you buy.

DFL-DE is the latest advanced but simple-to-use data recovery equipment and file system recovery hardware tool. It is data recovery software and hardware complex equipment, is for high-success-rate disk imaging and data recovery and also for repairing damaged hard drives with common firmware failures.

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New: DFL-DE has been selected by hundreds of clients worldwide who are new to data recovery field. It has been considered the most cost-effective data recovery equipment.

Compared with any other similar data recovery tools, DFL-DE has its unique common repair module with fast solutions to many common hdd failures.


Download The Index of DFL-DE User Manual Here and Check the Function List Inside.

DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool-Fixing-Recovering Seagate 7200.12 HDD

DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool-Fixing-Recovering Seagate 7200.12 HDD

DFL-DE has the following three main modules:


Disk Imaging Module

Full disk imaging, partition imaging, data-only imaging, selective head imaging;

File Recovery Module

Selective file recovery, MFT scan for damaged partition recovery, fast file recovery, loading HDD to PC for recovery;

Automatic HDD Repair Module

DFL-DE는 다른 하드 디스크 브랜드의 일반적인 하드 디스크 고장으로 많은 자동으로 하드 디스크 복구 솔루션과 통합되었습니다.
(Read what kind of automatic 하드 디스크 복구 솔루션 DFL-DE 데이터 복구 도구의 첫 번째 버전에 포함되어있다.)

게다가, DFL-DE가 너무 불량 섹터를 검사하도록 사용자를 제공합니다.

DFL-DE 중 하나 펌웨어 손상 또는 물리적 손상으로 손상된 하드 드라이브를 수정하고 복구 손실 된 데이터를 얻을 수 DFL HDD 펌웨어 복구 도구를 개별적으로 또는 공동으로 사용할 수있는 하나의 휴대용 데이터 복구 도구입니다.

하드 드라이브 지원

DFL-DE는 하드 드라이브가 설치된 휴지통이 비워 실수로 삭제, 바이러스 공격, 실수로 복제, 형식, 잘못된 소프트웨어 또는 다른 응용 프로그램의 여부, 논리적 또는 물리적 데이터 손실을 고통 여부를 모든 SATA 및 IDE 하드 디스크 브랜드 디스크 이미징 및 데이터 복구를 지원합니다 그것은 불량 섹터 불안정 헤드 물리적 흠집 또는 펌웨어 손상 여부 단순히 손실 된 데이터를 복구하기 위해 DE하거나 DE DFL 및 다른 데이터 복구 도구의 조합을 사용할 수있다.

더블 SA​​TA 인터페이스

DFL-DE가 내장되어 동 기적으로 두 개의 하드 드라이브 '디스크 이미징 및 데이터 복구를 처리 할 수​​있는 독립적 인 채널과 사용자와 더블 SA​​TA 인터페이스, 사용자는 채널 ATA0 또는 ATA1를 선택할 수 있습니다. IDE 데이터 복구 도구 인터페이스와 비교하여, DE 우리는 더 높은 데이터 전송 속도를 갖는다.

운영 체제 지원

윈도우 7 32 비트, 윈도우 7 64 비트

데이터 복구 기능

  • Data Recovery or disk imaging from faulty drives with bad sectors, unstable heads after head swap, unstable hdd after restoration from firmware failure at a higher success rate than using a similar data recovery tool;
  • Higher efficiency and success rate of imaging data by selective heads;
  • Data-only image or partition image to enhance the image speed;
  • Forward and reverse disk imaging to make sure all possible data is read and got back;
  • Forward and reverse scan and direct recovery of corrupted partitions or partitions with bad sectors without spending more time to image first and then run data recovery program;
  • MFT Scan when you open the partitions without finding any data inside;
  • Head map editing in RAM to get the lost data without swapping single or partially damaged heads;
  • Common HDD failure fixing. For example, fixing Samsung Spins up and stop, WD HDD Decryption, Seagate sector access interruptions, Busy, Cap=0, etc.

We will release more powerful and unique disk imaging and data recovery features soon and we plan to have this great data recovery tool available to the data recovery market within this month. We are already testing this data recovery tool.

Upgradeable Data Recovery Tools

We offer free but regular upgrade to the data  recovery software section of DFL-DE and all of our users can submit their ‘New Feature Request’ to us and we will take them very seriously and planning the benefit-all data recovery features to our upgrade.

Most Cost-effective Data Recovery Tool

DFL-DE will be the most cost-effective data recovery tool available to the international data recovery market. Some existing users of our tools ask us, ‘ Are you pushing a revolution within data recovery field because we need better data recovery tools for more reasonable prices?’ Our answer to them is ‘Yes, we are working hard on it and we believe what you expect will come true soon’!


Quality Guarantee of Our DFL-DE

We offer 1 year quality guarantee to all our data recovery tools and hdd repair tools. If the tools are malfunctioning by itself within 1 year, you can ship it back to us for a new one exchange. We will bear the shipping cost shipping the new one to you.

Learn More about DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool here.

DFL-DDP 대 DFL-DE Download The Packing List of DFL-DE DFL-DE 비디오 자습서

You are welcome to get more details about this data recovery tool by emailing to sales@dolphindatalab.com.