Repair WD10EVDS-Dragafly2 HDD Being Very Slow With Many Regular Bad Sectors


This data recovery technical document is one case study introducing how DFL-WDII hdd repair tool is used to repair damaged WD hdds which are working very slow with many regular bad sectors without clicking noises.

For this kind of problem, we usually consider it’s caused by the ID module or translator problem.

The hdd is one WD SATA 1TB hdd whose model is WD10EVDS-63U880. Luckily the hdd can reach readiness status.

The response was very slow and the hdd was detected after some time.

The user went to scan the HDD and found a lot of regular and typical bad sectors.


Next users started to check the SA modules, but it’s very slow within checking.

Users stopped checking modules and clicked soft-reset. Softreset is usually used to fix some minor error.

Next users read modules by ID and regenerated the ID module-module 02, cleared the translator and then wrote back the new regenerated module 02.

Next users cleared the translator again, re-enter the program and wrote back the original translator modules-module 31 and 32. Power off and on the program, scanned the hdd again, the bad sectors are gone!


Read the full case study with screenshots in our user-only forums.

For a higher success rate of hdd repair and data recovery, cheers!