SamSung Head Map Editing in ROM Helpful to Samsung Physical HDD Recovery


In the new Dolphin Samsung hdd firmware repair program, users can read and write the ROM properly and edit the head map in ROM efficiently for both Seagate Samsung hard drives and traditional Samsung hard drives.

To edit the head map in ROM is very helpful to recover lost data from Samsung patient hard drives with weak heads or damaged heads or even platter surface scratches.

After finding out which surface is damaged or which head is weak or damaged, users can cut the head physically if necessary or bend the heads up to be paralleled with the platter.

One thing important to learn for users: for any scratched hard drives, users must swap the air filter, clean the hdd inner environment, clean the platters and swap the heads.

Next users need to go to the DFL Samsung firmware repair program>ROM Operations>Head Map Edit and then users can turn off the damaged heads.

Next users can go to DFL DDP data recovery program and set up head map and image all remained good heads and finally users can recover some lost data from the target drive.

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