Seagate F3 ST500DM002 Bad Sector Repair

This was one case study of Seagate F3 hard drive refurbishing, to refurbish the hard drive means the client doesn’t need the data inside the drive, because the functions used in this case study will destroy the data.

So users must backup the firmware resources, must learn whether it’s to refurbish the hard drive or recover the data before operating on the hard drives.

The hard drive ID information is as below:

Model: ST500DM002-1BD142; Firmware version: KC43; Capacity: 500GB; Serial Number: 6VMXTPTB


Many users are asking about the Seagate F3 hard drive bad sector repair but no good tool can do much on it before Dolphin Data Lab released our DFL-FRP firmware repair tool.

Let’s check one of the functions used to repair the bad sectors. The engineer tried to scan the hard drive and found red and green blocks with bad sectors and slow sectors:


Next the engineer went to the COM terminal mode and enter F3 T> and use V40 to check the NG records


There were 0 entries available and therefore the engineer selected the menu ‘Format With P-list’, after the ‘Format with P-list’ completes, the engineer powered off and on the patient drive, scanned it again:


The Seagate F3 hard drive bad sectors are repaired by DFL-FRP for ST.

Besides this functions, DFL-FRP for ST has more functions to repair the Seagate F3 hard drive bad sectors:


To repair the Seagate F3 bad sectors, users can handle the defect list such as the NG list, P-list, G-list; users can fix the Smart failure, translator failure, can format with p/g list, can erase sectors, can add defects to defects list, can use the bad sector repair function, etc.

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