Data Recovery Solutions for Hitachi HDDs with Head Failure

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Dolphin data recovery hardware tools offer very good solutions to repair and recover lost data from Hitachi hard drives with head failure.

Hard drive symptoms with head failure:

Patient HDD keeps Busy
Patient HDD undetected
Patient HDD works very slowly and has many or regular bad sectors

HDD Repair tools and data recovery tools required to fix patient Hitachi drives with head failure:

DFL-Hitachi HDD firmware repair tool
DFL-DDP data recovery equipment

Data Recovery Solutions required to fix patient Hitachi drives with head failure:

Head test-Menu path-DFL Hitachi firmware repair software>Hitachi ARM/IBM>Firmware Operations>Head Test;

Edit head map within NVRAM, this function is very helpful in many cases to fix hitachi drives with single head failure or when the patient drive is undetected but ready;

Set up head map to image good heads first and then weak head, for many Hitachi head swap cases, users need to use the auto virtual translator solutions;

Swap heads by Hitachi head replacement tools within clean room environment to fix the patient drives with total head damage,

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