DFL-SRP Seagate HDD Translator Fix Solutions

Seagate works in two modes: ATA mode and COM mode, DFL-SRP USB3.0 for Seagate can repair both old 7200.10 and before, and new Seagate F3 hard drives. Users can Edit model number, SN, remove password, repair bad sectors, repair firmware failures, etc with DFL Seagate firmware repair tool.

This article is mainly introducing how to fix translator damaged Seagate hard drives by DFL Seagate firmware repair tool.

To fix translator in COM mode:
Enter the Seagate firmware repair interface, users can open the COM port and then power on the hdd and
then diagnose the hdd by the output messages.

Enter F3 T>

F3 T>i4,1,22
F3 T>m0,6,3,,,,,22

To fix translator automatically auto for partial sector access problem:

Enter the main function window, go to defects management>translators>Fix the translator Auto Or fix the translator manually

To fix the translator in ATA mode:
close the COM port and click Rebuild Translator and wait until the log reports execution success.

Above are methods to fix translator related issue and they are very easy to use. Any more question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab