Seagate Scratched HDD Data Recovery Steps


Seagate scratched hdd data recovery case is very common in many data recovery labs, but most data recovery engineers give up on these cases due to the complicated steps, tools and skills required.

It is possible to recover the Seagate scratched hard drives if users have the Dolphin head and platter swap and clean tools and training materials, the DFL Seagate hdd firmware repair tool and DFL DDP data recovery equipment.

For Seagate single-platter hard drive, users can buy the Dolphin scratched hdd head replacement tool to bypass the scratched area on the outer tracks so that users can not only recover lost data from good surfaces but also from the scratched surfaces.

For Seagate hdds with scratches on the inner tracks, users can manage to bypass the scratched areas too.

For Seagate HDDs with scratches in the middle tracks, it is difficult or mostly impossible to recover the lost data from the scratches surface.

To recover lost data from Seagate scratched hdds, users need to find donor drives, need to cut heads physically, need to edit rom to make the heads match the best, need to clean the heads and platters, need to clean the hdd inner working environment and then swap heads.

After above, users need to edit head map in ram, need to set up new disk image project, need to set up head map, need to image good heads first and then image bad heads, need to set up multiple pass imaging to protect the data drives and image most data out of the patient drive.

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