‘Hello, I would like to learn more about the DFL-SRP All-In-One USB3.0 Data Recovery Equipment device. Also, what is the price for Turkey?’

This is one new client from Turkey looking to offer professional data recovery services using DFL-SRP USB3.0 all-in-one data recovery equipment.

Dolphin Data Lab has one local data recovery tools sales and support center in Turkey:

DIFOSE (Turkey)

Addr.:Umit Mah. 2481. Sok. Kafkas Sitesi No:606810 Cankaya, Ankara, TURKEY
Contact: Sukru DURMAZ
Tel.: 90 312 219 56 16

DFL-SRP USB3.0 all-in-one data recovery equipment is one of the most popular data recovery hardware toolsfrom Dolphin Data Lab. It enables users to fix firmware corruption, remove password, reset smart, repair bad sectors, image patient hdds, extract lost files, etc.

If users want to have installment plan on similar data recovery hardware tool, users can consider DFL-PCIe data recovery express.recharge version.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID:

Before we develop DFL-DDP(DFL-Data Dr. Pro) USB 3.0 data recovery equipment, we have DFL-DE USB 2.0 data recovery tool. DFL-DE is undoubtedly one good choice for those who start a data recovery business or set up one new data recovery sector in their organizations.

After users grow their data recovery business and get more and more data recovery cases, especially some new faulty hard drives with bigger and bigger capacities of 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, etc, users find the USB 2.0 design cannot meet properly the needs to image these drives or extract files from these drives and after that DFL-Data Dr. Pro came to our research plan and now we have finished the software, hardware, technique documents and guides and some video instructions too. Read more