The data recovery engineer got one SD card and according to the owner of SD card, the photos in the card are the wanted data and very important to the client. When the photos were clicked to open, they didn’t open; all photos had the same problem without response when trying to opening them.

The very first thing to do was to image the SD card to keep the original data status and this was also to respect the client and his data. All operations need to be careful and smart.

Next the engineer checked the DRB, FAT table and FDT but they’re all in good status and therefore, needed to diagnose further. Read more

DFL-DE is the latest world-class advanced data recovery tool helping in three aspects of data recovery: disk imaging, automatic hdd repair and file extraction. This article is one case study of DFL-DE to repair one clicking WD HDD and then recover the lost data successfully in an efficient and effective method. Read more