DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool Repairs Clicking WD HDD And Recover Data Directly


DFL-DE is the latest world-class advanced data recovery tool helping in three aspects of data recovery: disk imaging, automatic hdd repair and file extraction. This article is one case study of DFL-DE to repair one clicking WD HDD and then recover the lost data successfully in an efficient and effective method.

The HDD is from one of our clients who send it to us to get the lost data back and the client told us the hdd was clicking and then stopped spinning.

The Model of this HDD tool: WD5000AAJS
The PCB number of this HDD: 701477
SN Number of this HDD: WD-WCAS84749047
Symptom: When the HDD is powered up, the user can hear the clicking sound easily.

Next is to connect this patient hdd to DFL-DE, Power up the HDD and DFL-DE started to search the HDD, wait until the DFL-DE detected HDD.

From the status register, users can see the HDD is ready. The hdd started to seek but soon stopped spinning up.

When users tried to click bad sectors scan, the hdd is not detected at all like showing above but still ready (Not busy).

Before DFL-DE is released, users usually need to use other hdd firmware repair tools to diagnose and fix the firmware problems and finally may get the HDD ready and detected for disk imaging and data recovery. But now with DFL-DE data recovery tool, it becomes much more easier to fix such kind of HDDs which click, spin up and down.

Next is to click head map editing in RAM.

There’re 6 heads with this hdd like displayed above. Next is to edit the map as following:

Click \’OK’ and the log interface displayed the head map setting was saved successfully and then click soft reset.

At this time, the HDD started spinning up and didn’t spin down and the hdd was ready.

Next is to change the head map again back with the original head setting:

Click \’OK’ and then try to do bad sectors scan.

See, the hdd was already detected. Click the start icon and the sectors are successfully read:

Click File Extractor, set the path and then the program will list the DFL-DE device and click the “+” and the program will list all the partitions and files for users to recover.

Until Now, this clicking WD HDD has been restored and the lost data can also be recovered. If there’re a lot of bad sectors, users can use image by selective head too for maximum data recovery.

Users can learn more about DFL-DE data recovery tool here
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There’s one video about this case study and users can watch it here:
DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool Repairs Clicking WD HDD By Head Map Editing In RAM
(Video is offered in Chinese but the operation on the clicking hdd can be understood.)

Stanley Morgan
Dolphin Data Lab