Based on the version 1.0, DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment version 1.1 is one huge upgrade with many new disk imaging features, new file recovery features and new common hdd repair solutions.

DFL-DDP version 1.1 becomes one truly powerful and cost-effective data recovery equipment. To own one DFL-DDP sometimes beat owning several other similar data recovery tools.

Let’s check what’re new features added in DFL-DDP version 1.1?

1, To recover data by file types-raw recovery is added;
2, To image by file is added;
3, Multi-pass image is added;
4, VMFS3/VMFS4 file system support is added;
5, To enable/disable MBR is added;
6, To display the file details is added;
7, To copy LBA to clipboard is added;
8, To terminate the ID read when it takes long to read ID;
9, To skip the LBA when scanning the sectors;
10,APP/ATA backup of Seagate Baraccuda 7200.7-10, 5400.3(Default baud rate is 9600); Read more

DFL-DE is the latest world-class advanced data recovery tool helping in three aspects of data recovery: disk imaging, automatic hdd repair and file extraction. This article is one case study of DFL-DE to repair one clicking WD HDD and then recover the lost data successfully in an efficient and effective method. Read more