As for Hitachi and Toshiba hard drive data recovery cases, bad sectors, weak heads, damaged heads, scratched surfaces and translator failures are very common.

As for Hitachi and Toshiba hard drive bad sectors and weak heads, users can use DFL-DDP data recovery equipment to test heads, set up head map and image the patient HDD by selective heads, image good heads first and then faulty heads.

If the Hitachi and Toshiba patient hard drives require head swap, users need to use the level 2 head replacement tool to swap the heads within clean room environment.

The most common firmware failures for Hitachi and Toshiba hard drives are translator failure. As for Hitachi drives, users need to backup P-list and then load P-list to RAM; As for Toshiba, users can clear g-list or run virtual translator.

Within DDP, users can also get Raid recovery addon and also fragment recovery addon.

If users wish to fix more complicated firmware corrupted cases, users need then DFL firmware repair tools together with DFL-DDP data recovery equipment.

Latest DFL all-in-one data recovery software version: V20230208 and users can get this one from Dolphin user-only forum or from the sales representative.

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To meet the requirement of more Dolphin users, Dolphin engineers have worked out the algorithm to remove the password from the old Hitachi IBM hard drives.

The old drives have very different firmware structure as the new ones and the method to remove password from new Hitachi hard drives doesn’t work at all for the old ones and now users can use the new DFL Hitachi program to remove the password from the old Hitachi IBM hard drives such as the DK series, etc. Read more

Dolphin team are now teaching people how to recognize different families of Hitachi IBM hard drives.

Old Hitachi IBM Hard Drives.

Desktop Hard Drives:

HDx7250VLAT; HDx7250GL; HDx7210SL; HDx7225VLAT; HDx7216PL;
PLAT Read more

This is one live case study on how to recover lost data from one Hitachi laptop hard drive.

This hard drive was undetected at pc at all when the engineer was connected to DFL-DDP, the hard drive can get ready and the hard drive was found successfully without any unusual noises. Read more