This is one successful Western Digital Hitachi hard drive data recovery case study which suffers accidental format and users cannot find any lost data under the partition.

Patient HDD ID:
Model number: HUS726T6TALE6L4
Capacity: 6TB
PCB Number: 004-0b36131

What Happened to Patient Drive:
Suffering accidental quick format and data was lost, only some system files remained there.

HUS726T6TALE6L4 Data Recovery Steps:

01: Connect the patient drive to DFL-SRP data recovery hardware;
02: Open DFL-DDP data recovery software, set up new file extraction task;
03: Select the partition with target data inside, right click and users can recover by file types;
04: Recover all files found in the RAW folder;
05: Open Dolphin Data Recovery Assistant Pro. software, users can easily delete invalid files, rename all raw files with contents inside the files and then users can easily find which lost files are needed.

Please note: WD hitachi drives with PCB number 00x started have SED lock.

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