Section 1: Work Modes

Toshiba drives work in both ATA and COM modes, Fujitsu drives work mainly on ATA mode, for password removal, need to work in COM mode.

Section 2: Repair Modes
DFL Toshiba/Fujitsu firmware repair tool
can do both hdd repair and hdd refurbishing, hdd repair is to fix firmware failures without affecting data but hdd refurbishing will remove bad sectors and destroy data.

Section 3: Number of HDD Supported by the DFL Toshiba/Fujitsu Hardware
Users can connect 3 drives to DFL-SRP Toshiba/Fujitsu Portable HDD Repair Tool and 4 drives to DFL-PCIe Toshiba/Fujitsu HDD Repair Tool.

Section 4: Operating System to Install the software
Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, any of them is ok. DFL tools have unique driverless technology, no need to install drivers.

Section 5: Biggest Advantages over Competitors

Easy to use and install on any pc, powerful with best technique support and data recovery resources.

Section 6: What Kind of WD HDD Failures DFL WD can Fix

01: Toshiba/Fujitsu HDDs with many bad sectors;
02: Toshiba/Fujitsu HDDs with ATA locked;
03: Wrongly detected Toshiba/Fujitsu hard drives;
04: 0 capacity detected Toshiba/Fujitsu hard drives;
05: Non-detected/Busy Toshiba/Fujitsu hard drives;
06: Dead Toshiba/Fujitsu hard drives, to fix this kind of dead Toshiba/Fujitsu drives, users need to have flash programmer, donor PCB sources or physical head and platter swap tools to work with DFL Toshiba/Fujitsu firmware repair tool;

Section 7: Common Toshiba/Fujitsu HDD Firmware Failures-Quick Fix

01: Clear G-list;
02: Virtual translator;

Section 8: ROM and SA Operations

01: Read ROM;
02: Read/write firmware modules;
03: Read/write tracks;
04: Edit ID;
05: Password removal;
06: Heads read write test;
07: Techno on/off;
08: Smart on/off;
09: ECC error on/off;
10: Flash permanent cache on/off;
11: Cut zones;
12: Cut heads
13: Start/Stop Motor.

Section 9: Defects Operations

01: View/Clear G-list, P-list;
02: G to P;
03: View/Reset Smart;
04, Virtual translator;
05: Scan defects and add to G/P-list.

Section 10: Fujitsu HDD FW operations

01: Read/Write ROM;
02: Sector Edit;
03: Edit SN;
04: Remove Password;
05: Read/write modules;
06: View/Reset Smart;
07: Format;
08: Scan and add defects to defect list;
09: Clear T-list/P-list.

As for Hitachi and Toshiba hard drive data recovery cases, bad sectors, weak heads, damaged heads, scratched surfaces and translator failures are very common.

As for Hitachi and Toshiba hard drive bad sectors and weak heads, users can use DFL-DDP data recovery equipment to test heads, set up head map and image the patient HDD by selective heads, image good heads first and then faulty heads.

If the Hitachi and Toshiba patient hard drives require head swap, users need to use the level 2 head replacement tool to swap the heads within clean room environment.

The most common firmware failures for Hitachi and Toshiba hard drives are translator failure. As for Hitachi drives, users need to backup P-list and then load P-list to RAM; As for Toshiba, users can clear g-list or run virtual translator.

Within DDP, users can also get Raid recovery addon and also fragment recovery addon.

If users wish to fix more complicated firmware corrupted cases, users need then DFL firmware repair tools together with DFL-DDP data recovery equipment.

Latest DFL all-in-one data recovery software version: V20230208 and users can get this one from Dolphin user-only forum or from the sales representative.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID:

To refurbish Toshiba hard drives requires proper hdd repair knowledge. For new users, it is very important to learn one thing, that is to backup the firmware modules and ROM. Backup is one important operation before any other operations, the backup can be collected as firmware resources, can be prepared for further hdd repair or data recovery purpose.
Read more

To refurbish Toshiba hard drives, it’s necessary to learn about this hard drive refurbishing method. It is very easy to use DFL-SRP USB3.0 for Toshiba hdd repair tool by this method.

Users just simply need to connect the bad sector hard drive to DFL-SRP hardware and then power on the hard drive by Toshiba hdd repair program, next users go to set the scanning parameters, tick Moderate, Severe, Super delayed and Error sectors to save in one defect file. Read more

DFL Toshiba/Fujitsu Firmware Repair Version 1.1.1 Available Now As one of the important hard drive brands remained in the market, Toshiba/Fujitsu hard drive refurbishing and data recovery cases become more and more common and functions to fix the failures are required more accordingly.

Within the new version of DFL Toshiba/Fujitsu firmware repair tool, Dolphin engineers have fixed the bugs detected in the previous version,optimized many existing new functions and also added many new functions as below: Read more