DFL Toshiba/Fujitsu Firmware Repair Version 1.1.1 Available Now

DFL Toshiba/Fujitsu Firmware Repair Version 1.1.1 Available Now As one of the important hard drive brands remained in the market, Toshiba/Fujitsu hard drive refurbishing and data recovery cases become more and more common and functions to fix the failures are required more accordingly.

Within the new version of DFL Toshiba/Fujitsu firmware repair tool, Dolphin engineers have fixed the bugs detected in the previous version,optimized many existing new functions and also added many new functions as below:1, Completely new bad sector scanning function and interface to make the drive diagnosing more accruate and complete;

2, Cutting heads and cutting zones are added for hard drive refurbishing, these functions make the Toshiba hdd refurbishing much easier. After using these functions, the bad sectors are repaired automatically;

3, G to P list has been added;
4, G-list editing function has been added and G list clearing algorithm has been optimized;
5, P-list clearing has been optimized;

6, Virtual translator fix has been greatly optimized;
7, Toshiba techno switch has been added;
8, Optimize the ROM read function;
9, Optimized the software codes and getting the program running more smoothly.

Dolphin team keep adding new functions to the DFL-SRP USB3.0 data recovery equipment. Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add our official skype ID: dolphin.data.lab