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We are using the following case study to explain the methods in details.

HDD ID: WD5000BMVV-11GNWS Capacity: 500GB
PCB number: 20607-701675-004
USB2.0 design

When the hdd was received from client, the engineer connected the hdd to the pc and check if it spun up normally, to find out if it clicked. The diagnosis proved it working fine. Read more

DFL-WD II hdd repair tool offers the users options to repair WD USB hard disk drives.

This article gives you the general idea of what functions are available with USB hdds.
DFL-WDII offers two channels: ATA and USB channel. For WD USB HDDs, users need to select USB channel. For USB hdds which can be detected and become ready in DFL-WDII, for WD USB hdds which have had PCB swap from USB interface to SATA interface or which have been converted from USB interface to SATA interface. Read more