This is one case study from one Dolphin user from Mexico and this client uses Dolphin tools to refurbish hard drives and he met some problem in handling these western digital enterprise level hard drives on smart clearing issue and firmware repair issue.

HDD ID details:
Model-WD2003FYPS-27Y2B0; Capacity: 2TB; PCB: 2060-771642-003 REVA;
Family: DF4PL_RE Read more

Dolphin team has worked on the WD enterprise class hard drives these days and worked out some new solutions to fix these drives such as WD2003FYPS-27Y2B0 drives, etc. This drive belongs to DF4PL_RE family.

With the existing WD firmware repair tool and solutions, the hard drive firmware modules cannot be listed and it becomes empty and the whole SA is locked. Within the new version of 2.66, users see the following changes: Read more