WD Optimized Auto HDD Repair Steps


Dolphin team are offering more and more new and easy-to-use hdd repair and data recovery solutions to all Dolphin users and the following are the WD optimized auto repair steps.

1, Erasing Flash, Writing Flash;
2, Reset Drive …..Please wait…..Done;
3, Load ATA modules;
4, Mini Arco Testing;
5, Wedge RRO;
6, Mini IBI;
7, Adaptive Notch Testing;
8, Servo Calibration Testing;
9, Touch Dn Testing;
10, RWGAP Cal Testing;
11, Tpi Cal Testing;
12, Set Target Capacity;
13, Target Capacity Testing;
14, Full Arco Testing;
15, Hot Arco Testing;
16, Full Write WRRO Testing;
17, Xmms Write WRRO Testing;
18, Full Read WRRO Testing;
19, Test LBA Servo Log;
20, Tone Scan Write Testing;
21, PST SelfTest Log;
22, Gain Cal Testing;
23, Tone Scan Read Testing;
24, PST SelfTest Log;
25, Cluster Generation Testing;
26, T-List Generation Testing;
27, P-List Generation Testing;
28, Display Drive PLIST;
29, PList Breakdown;
30, Servo RRO Testing;
31, Bias Testing;
32, PE Data Collection Testing;
33, SPT Write All Testing;
34, Test Convert PList to IBI Log;
35, Creat Glist and Merge P and G;
36, SPT Read All Testing;
37, Test Convert PList to IBI Log;
38, Cluster Generation Testing;
39, Creat Glist and Merge P and G;
40, Display Drive PLIST;
41, PList Breakdown;
42, SF Test completion

All above steps to create one perfect western digital hard drives have been combined into several simple clicks and users just need to set the firmware path and then click start, select the family, PCB number, microcode, DCM, reduce capacity or not and then users can start all repair automatically.

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin skype ID: dolphin.data.lab