WD SMR HDD Firmware Module 190 Manager for Your Best Recovery Success Rate


Western Digital SMR HDD firmware repair and data recovery cases are more and more common for data recovery engineers worldwide.

Among all cases, the most common cases are the following two types:

1, Firmware module 190 failure;
2, Physical head damage.

As for module 190 failure, it has the following situations:

Module 190 is good but couldn’t be loaded to ram properly;
Module 190 is corruped due to bad sectors within the module LBA range or overlap nodes or vacant nodes or error nodes generated;

As for Physical head damage, users need to swap heads to continue and can try head and platter swap tools here.

To ensure users can get the best WD SMR hdd data recovery success rate, Dolphin team have added the unique WD SMR HDD Firmware module 190 manager with the following detailed functions:

Import Module 190 and Manage
Extract the T2 Data(190 core nodes)
Original Nodes List
Scanned Nodes List
List Nodes by Original Order
List Nodes by Node Tree
List Nodes by Start LBA
SIT Repair
Search Correct Blocks Auto
Search and Replace
Search Error Nodes
Search Overlap Nodes
TIS Check
Vacant Nodes Count
Overlap Nodes Count
Tree Root Node Number Check
Test Current Nodes
Test All Nodes
Test Tree
Test Nodes by SMRZONE
Scan Lost Nodes
Repair Selected Nodes
Delete Selected Nodes
Delete Error Nodes
Delete Nodes with Same Start LBA
Delete Nodes with Same END LBA
Repair Vacant Nodes with Scanned Nodes
Caculate Valid Data from Selected Nodes
Zerofill Bad Sectors within The Module
Load 190/T2 auto for data recovery

Users can get above solutions within DFL-DDP data recovery tool.

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab

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