Why Dolphin Data Recovery Tools Can Recover Formatted Hard Drives?

Many people lose their valuable data by accidental format and after the format, users can find none data in their windows drives.

One question: if users format the drives, the data is really formatted and lost forever? The answer is no.Whether the data is really lost depends on the ‘Format’ type. The most common disk format actually doesn’t touch the data area at all. Only low-level format affects the data area. Because low level format will write 0000 to the disk and overwrite all existing data, after overwriting the data, the data cannot be recovered any more.

This article explains how the data can be recovered by Dolphin data recovery tools easily?




DBR Number of sectors DIR FAT Data Area Number of Sectors DIR FAT Data Area


DIR records the partition starting location, size and other partition information. FAT records the file name and the DIR records the file location. Format is mainly affecting the FAT and DIR and will not affect the data area and the data is still there after the format.

With Dolphin data recovery tools, users can scan the lost data directly or recover files by file type even if the hard drives are not stable or have many bad sectors so that the formatted drives can be recovered successfully.

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