Dolphin Advanced Data Recovery Training Courses Available In March 20-24

Dolphin team decided to offer another advanced data recovery training courses in Dolphin head office in Chengdu China during March 20-24, 2017.

This training course will focus on some new hard drive cases, new data recovery technologies, hard drive firmware failures and different solutions, hard drive physical components and how to fix physical scratches, etc.Attendees will have one very clear clue on how to make dead hard drives alive, how to make drives from busy to ready, from ready to detected, from detected to recoveryable, from recoveryable to fast recovery status.

Not all hard drive cases use the same process to repair and recover, users need to understand clearly the secrets behind different failure symptoms, different hard drive brands, different amount of heads and platters, different hard drive families and even different generation of techniques.

Users get not only advanced helpful knowledge to their real cases, get certificate of excellence,  get face-to-face guidance from Dolphin data recovery engineers, get many data recovery resources for free and at the same time have one nice sound journey to China.

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