DFL All-in-one Data Recovery Hardware Tool Version 2.3 Upgrade Software is Available

Dolphin team have created the latest software version 2.3 to work with DFL-URE, DFL-SRP and DFL PCIe data recovery hardware tools. All Dolphin users can download this software from the user-only forum here.

What’s New in DFL-DDP data recovery tool
Latest version: V2.3

190 repair manager which helps users to fix many 190 corrupted cases;
>Import Module 190 and Manage
>Extract the T2 Data(190 core nodes)
>Original Nodes List
>Scanned Nodes List
>List Nodes by Original Order
>List Nodes by Node Tree
>List Nodes by Start LBA
>SIT Repair
>Search Correct Blocks Auto
>Search and Replace
>Search Error Nodes
>Search Overlap Nodes
>TIS Check
>Vacant Nodes Count
>Overlap Nodes Count
>Tree Root Node Number Check
>Test Current Nodes
>Test All Nodes
>Test Tree
>Test Nodes by SMRZONE
>Scan Lost Nodes
>Repair Selected Nodes
>Delete Selected Nodes
>Delete Error Nodes
>Delete Nodes with Same Start LBA
>Delete Nodes with Same END LBA
>Repair Vacant Nodes with Scanned Nodes
>Caculate Valid Data from Selected Nodes
>Zerofill Bad Sectors within The Module
>Load 190/T2 auto for data recovery
Module 190/T2data auto loading; Without auto loading, many cases will fail because 190 loading to RAM may fail after power reset;
WD SMR HDD selective head image is running more smoothly;
New ZFS, BTRFS file systems support are added;
Non-Standard sector-sized HDD read and write is supported, for example sector size of 520B, 524B;
Time extraction from video streams for HKFS DVR is supported;
The new NTFS 4.0 is added to support;
WD SMR HDD TLER activation is added;
WD SMR HDD: change HDD configuration/WD slow fix, delete non-important firmware modules
Linux LVM file system support is added;
Block checksum algorithm for MDF fragmented file recovery is added;
Support now GPT with LDM volume;

Software interface optimization;
Toshiba selective head image algorithm optimization;
HKFS, NTFS, VMFS, Exfat file extraction optimization;
Other optimization

What’s new in DFL WD hdd repair tool
Latest version: V2.990

Generate unlock rom with firmware unlock pcb, write unlock rom to original pcb to unlock fw;
Note: Unlock rom generation without firmware unlock pcb is available soon but 810035 unlock still requires special firmware unlock pcb, right now if users wish to unlock firmware without firmware unlock pcb, please email your rom to support@dolphindatalab.com, we will generate unlock rom for users to write by HDD rom chip pin reader to unlock the firmware.
Read SMR Zone;
Read T2 Data;
Head map editing optimization: head number of 8 or above is supported.

What’s new in DFL Seagate HDD repair tool
Latest version: V4.210

More new Rosewood 8C models are supported;
ROM editing optimization;
B2 HDD Data Corruption Repair is added (ST4000VX005、ST4000VM004);
ROM read/write is further enhanced;
ID editing by COM is optimized;
SYS read by ABA is added;
A-list regeneration is added;
NGlist regeneration is added;
Seagate New ST8000NM000A 8TB B5 Cimarron family firmware unlock solution is completed but coming soon in newer software upgrade;

What’s new in DFL Samsung HDD Repair Tool
Latest version: V2.000

Head map editing is added;
ROM read and write for M024, M9T, m6s, m40s, t166 is added;
Samsung old hdd password removal has been added to support;

What’s new in DFL Toshiba/Fujitsu hdd repair tool
Latest version: V1.600

MQ03ABB fw read/write support;
Cut zone optimization;
Standard capacity selection is added when editing ID;
46GSX family support is added;
MQ01(4K) G to P is added to support.

What’s new in DFL Hitachi/IBM hdd repair tool
Latest version: V1.400

To save NVRAM and ROM by SN is added;
Boot remove password is added;
7210CLA3 support is added;

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab

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