Dolphin Data Lab Enters Partnership With DFL

Dolphin Data Lab has recently set up partnership with DFL in China which is one innovative and smart data recovery tools manufacturer and we are uniting together to offer the world more professional data recovery hardware tools.

We have now released our first HDD repair hardware tool-DFL-WDII which has been available to worldwide customers and online manuals for this hdd repair tool are available to download. This tool is one firmware-level hdd repair hardware and is to repair non-detected western digital hard drives, clicking wd drives, wd drives with single or partial heads damage and of course, password protected wd hard drives, etc.

There’re only few manufacturers in data recovery market developing commercial data recovery hardware tools and data recovery clients don’t have many choices and we can obviously find a lot of complaints on the high cost, outdated data recovery technologies, bugs, poor support, etc in some data recovery forums.  We were one of them suffering all of above however after our business was growing, we decide to integrate the best data recovery resources based on our experience and suffering and we are offering the world the only working and most efficient data recovery tools and solutions. The most important is that we began to cooperate with some real data recovery experts and develop our own data recovery hardware tools.

By partnering with DFL, Dolphin Data Lab offers not only the best existing data recovery hardware tools, we are offering the latest data recovery hardware tools and technologies. DFL-WDII is the first one and the following is our new data extractor, new Seagate hdd repair tool, new samsung hdd repair tool, new imaging hardware, etc.

We have now a big R&D team especially working on these new tools and using the new data recovery technologies and we believe all clients will soon benefit from the growing competition among data recovery tools manufacturers.

“Competition helps the market grow mature”, Said Stanley Morgan, CEO of Dolphin Data Lab.