DFL-DDP Data Recovery Equipment User Manual Update 2024

DFL-DDP data recovery equipment user manual update 2024 is now available for Dolphin users worldwide.

The following is the new user manual index:

1.0 DDP Application Range-When Do I Need to Use DDP P4-8
1.1 Universal steps to use DDP for data recovery purpose P4-8
2.0 How to make best use of bad sector scan P5-8
2.1 Few bad sectors’ case P7
2.2 Many bad sectors’case P8
2.3 Full disk bad sectors’ case P8
3.0 Log Window-Important to check P8

4.0 How to Extract the Lost Data Directly P8-22
4.1 If the lost partition is not listed automatically, what to do? P12-13
4.2 If the folders and files cannot be listed, what to do? P14-16
4.3 How to recover selected files? P17
4.4 How to extract lost data from VHD(VHDX) or image file? P17-22

5.0 How to Image the Patient Hard Drive P22-
5.1 General Steps to Start one Disk Image Task P23-27
5.2 Image to Disk or Image to File P25-26
5.3 How to Image Patient HDDs with Weak Heads after Head Swap P27-36
5.4 Run Multi-pass Imaging P32-36
5.5 How to Image Patient HDDs with Many bad Sectors in the Front LBAs P36-37
5.6 How to Image Patient Hard Drives with High Efficiency P37-43
5.7 Recover by File Types P37-39
5.8 Data-only Imaging P39-43
5.9 How to set target disk P41-42
5.10 How to Image Patient HDDs with Bitlocker Protected P43-45
5.11 How to Recover WD USB-SATA Patient Hard Drives P45-46

DFL-DDP Common HDD Firmware Repair Solutions

6.0 ATA Commands P47

7.0 WD Common HDD Repair Solutions P47-51
7.1 Remove Password P48
7.2 Slow Fix P48
7.3 Load Loaders P48
7.4 Show Microcode P48
7.5 Edit Head map in RAM and Load T2Data P48-49
7.6 Steps to Repair Module 190 P49-50
7.7 Change Disk Configuration P51

8.0 Seagate Common HDD Repair Solutions P52-55
8.1 Seagate HDD Firmware Repair Basic but Important Knowledge P53-54
8.2 Seagate F3 Universal Repair Commands P54-55

9.0 Samsung HDD Common Repair Solutions P55-56
9.1 LED 1AXX Fix P56
9.2 Clear-Alist P56
9.3 Remove Password P56

10.0 Toshiba HDD Common Repair Solutions P56-57
10.1 Clear Glist P56
10.2 Toshiba Auto Virutal Translator P56-57

11.0 Hitachi Common HDD Repair Solutions P57-60
11.1 Hitachi Auto Virutal Translator P59-60

Users can download the latest user manual 2024 from the Dolphin user-only forum.

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab

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