Dolphin Data Lab Official Reseller In Brazil Makes Our Support There More Localized

We sincerely show our great respect to our official reseller in Brazil-PCdiag!

Dolphin Data Lab has cooperated with our first official reseller in Brazil-PCdiag for some time with great performance in supporting our users of DFL-DE data recovery tool, DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment and DFL-WDII hdd repair tools and our head and platter swap tools.

Due to the special situations and strict importing policies of Brazil, it’s more important for users there to have and use the most cost-effective hdd repair tools and data recovery tools.If users select the wrong tools to go with, they will mostly spend much more money to change tools and they will be charged again the high tax cost and new cost in new tools and new shipping cost.

Just because of above reasons, Dolphin Data Lab works hard with all our resellers and partners and our users to create the DFL series data recovery tools, to improve them, to add new features and functions, to offer detailed case studies and manuals, to offer more and more resources, etc.

PCdiag is our first offical reseller in Brazil and they are one very professional hdd repair and data recovery company with many years’ experience. They have helped with suggesting many useful features based on the needs of users in Brazil and we have gradually added these features. PCdiag and Dolphin Data Lab are working closely to offer more qualified localized support in Brazil.

To achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction, that’s our never-ending dream!

If users want to see a live demo of Dolphin Data Lab data recovery tools in Brazil, users can make an appointment with either PCdiag or Dolphin Data Lab with the following contact details:


TEL: (85) 3082-8511 / 8751-8115 / 9906-6695

Dolphin Data Lab

Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Tel: 0086-28-64737668