Check Live Demo Of Dolphin Data Recovery Tools In France

Dolphin Data Lab has recently entered partnership with AGDI to offer our tools in France and new users and interests can make an appointment to see the live demo of the Dolphin Data Lab primary data recovery tools-DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment and DFL-WDII hdd firmware repair tool.

AGDI France is one professional IT services company and hdd repair and data recovery are two of their key services and their CEO-William Simon is one professional data recovery engineer and very helpful and responsible for all his jobs and clients.Dolphin Data Lab feel proud to work with AGDI and its owner.

Users can make an appointment with either Dolphin Data Lab or AGDI France to check the above tools and see in person how they work for your data recovery success.

AGDI France

mardi 28 mai 2013
Par William SIMON

Le Louya, 35290 GAEL
Dolphin Data Lab

Stanley Morgan

Dolphin Data Lab and AGDI France will further strengthen the cooperation relationship in the distribution of Dolphin Data Lab data recovery tools, new data recovery tools and new hdd repair and data recovery technologies.