Dolphin DVR Pro. Handles 4 Video Recovery Cases At The Same Time

For IT engineers or data recovery engineers with one or two video recovery cases or for individual video monitoring system users who want to recover the lost videos by themselves and don’t want to send their video devices to third parties, Dolphin DVR Pro. One-Week version is the best choice.

If users have many video recovery cases including CCTV DVR video recovery, digital camera recovery, video recorder recovery and video repair cases, users can buy Dolphin DVR Pro. business version directly or upgrade from the one-week version to business version.

Dolphin DVR Pro. has 4 software modules and users can handle 4 video recovery cases at the same time. One CCTV DVR recovery case, one digital recovery case, one video recorder recovery case and one video repair case.

The Dolphin DVR Pro. one-week version can help users to fix many cases and is very cost-effective and price friendly.

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