Hard Drive COM Cable Plus Is Greatly Improved

Dolphin Data Lab has greatly improved the all in one COM cable connector and now this COM connector works more excellently for Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba and other hard drives with the COM port/terminal mode is required.

When users use the previous COM connector design, users need to be careful to insert or remove the connector, otherwise, the connector can be damaged. The new design has changed the connectors to pins with connector cable.

With the new design, users are offered with two independent connection cables between the COM connector and the hard drive COM port, that is to say, users don’t need to connect the COM connector directly to the hdd COM port to avoid damage due to wrong operations of connecting or disconnecting the connectors.


It is very easy to use the COM connection cables to insert to the hdd COM port, to remove or to change the COM connector. Each new COM connector will be offered with two special customized COM connection cables.

In order to repair multiple Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba hard drives at the same time, users can order our innovative USB designed double-thread COM cable plus here.

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