Dolphin Data Lab has greatly improved the all in one COM cable connector and now this COM connector works more excellently for Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba and other hard drives with the COM port/terminal mode is required.

When users use the previous COM connector design, users need to be careful to insert or remove the connector, otherwise, the connector can be damaged. The new design has changed the connectors to pins with connector cable. Read more

To ensure users can work on multiple hard drives such as multiple Seagate hard drives, Samsung hard drives, Toshiba hard drives or any other situations which require COM cable connection and require COM terminal, Dolphin Data Lab released this new double-thread COM Cable Plus.

Here is the video introduction on this new COM cable: Read more

COM cable plus is so far the only professional and creative COM cable connector for all size of SATA and IDE hard drives. Com Cable plus contains 6 COM connectors including Seagate IDE HDD COM Connector, Western Digital 3.5″ IDE COM connector, Quantum IDE HDD COM connector, Samsung SATA HDD COM connector, Seagate SATA HDD COM connector and Toshiba SATA HDD COM connector. COM Command Cable Plus is one universal powerful COM connector suite. Read more