Hitachi New ARM NVRAM Failure Fix Technique Discussion

Some Idea To Fix Hitachi NVRAM Failure Of ARM Series

Until so far, there’s still no firmware repair tool or data recovery equipment which can fix the NVRAM failure for Hitachi ARM series.

For Hitachi ARM series and even some other Hitachi families, they used NVAM chip with model of 25U406C and this chip is usually a little wider and thicker than common chips. This chip may be damaged due to the following issues:

1, Damaged by improper operation of the hot-air gun;
2, Or the NVRAM chip is burnt;
3, Or the original PCB is missing;
4, Or someone has tried to swap the NVram chip

Once the NVRAM chip and original NVRAM contents are missing, the hard drive may be not detected, may not spin up or even clicking.

As for NVRAM of Hitachi ARM series, it is very big and it contains 4 backups of the contents. Users may solder the NVRAM chip off and read by flash programmer.
For some parts of the contents, users can find donor NVRAM and then users can combine these contents to get the original ROM and get the patient hard drive working.

Dolphin Data Lab will upgrade our firmware repair tools in the near future to regenerate the NVRAM for Hitachi ARM series. NVRAM regeneration for Hitachi families is already available before Hitachi ARM series.