How to Fix Seagate HDD With Error-Perform a double download without a power cycle


How to recover lost data from one Seagate patient HDD with reported error of ‘Perform a double download without a power cycle’ in the COM terminal.

This is one data recovery case study for one Dolphin user in Sweden.

The user was imaging the hdd but after some time, the user suffered sudden power failure in the lab. After the power was offered again, the user powered on the hdd and get the following error messages:

SimError-Remaining in BootFW
Perform a double download without a power cycle
VerifyCtrlFirmwareSignature failed

The drive remained busy and couldn’t enter F3 T>.

To fix above issue, the user was suggested to find a donor PCB, swap the ROM chip to the donor PCB and then install the donor PCB to the patient HDD. The user could access to the SA and data area and continue the image process.

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