Poor Soldering Skills Kill HDD ROM Chip and Kill Data


ROM chip or ROM codes are very important for data recovery for all hard drives. It’s very important users can backup the original ROM codes before any operations.

ROM chip or codes are located on the PCB. For most new hard drives, there’s one external ROM chip. The rom chip codes are connected with the firmware codes on the platters inside the HDD.

When the data drive has problem or MCU lock, when the ROM chip has quality problem, when the PCB was burnt but ROM chip is good, when the PCB interface is physically damaged, users need to solder the ROM chip off to read and write the ROM codes.

Many users are not aware of the importance of the protecting the ROM chip, any improper soldering operations such as improper temperature or repeated overheat on the chips, the ROM chip will be downgraded or damaged directly and then users cannot read the rom codes completely or cannot read the ROM codes at all.

For many new users, this one becomes more difficult to do the soldering work. After the ROM chip is downgraded, the hdd may be not detected, keeps busy or even clicking or becomes unstable. When the ROM chip is totally damaged, this will make many recovery cases unrecoveryable.

From now on, all users don’t need to solder the ROM chips off any more and all users can safely and easily read and write ROM codes from the ROM chips. All users need is the latest innovative chip-on HDD rom chip pin reader.

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