Seagate ST1000VM002 0.03GB Wrong Capacity HDD Data Recovery


Dolphin support team is now offering one more new Seagate hdd firmware repair and data recovery case study. The patient HDD was firmware damaged and the capacity was displayed as 0.03GB.

This case study was fixed for one user in Indonesia by Dolphin remote support.

When this patient HDD was received, the user connected it to DFL-SRP Seagate firmware repair hardware. The user used standard Seagate firmware repair solutions and steps:

The user backup the firmware modules before any firmware operations and then cleared glist, cleared smart and regenerated translator but these standard methods didn’t help at all and the capacity remained wrong and it was still 0.03GB.

By analyzing the hdd symptom and the COM terminal messages, Dolphin engineer paid attention to the failure of the ID sys file. The engineer simply use the DFL Seagate SYS editing utility and just used some simple clicks to repair the ID SYS file.

After the ID SYS repair, the engineer went to COM terminal, cleared glist and regenerated translator again.

Next the engineer refreshed the hdd status and the capacity returned to normal status, which is to say, the firmware corruption had been fixed.

Next the engineer opened DFL DDP data recovery program and all partitions and folders were listed and available for file extraction.

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