Samsung Hard Drive Common Failures

So far in the market, there’re two types of Samsung hard drives: Samsung hard drives and Seagate-Samsung hard drives. To fix the firmware failures, users may need both Seagate and Samsung firmware repair programs. For physical issue, users can use the same set of head and platter swap tools.

The following are the most common data recovery cases you may receive in your data recovery lab for Samsung hard drives.

Hard drive bad sectors, the drive works very slowly and users can use DFL-DDP to image the Samsung hard drives directly with many bad sectors;

Total ROM damage, it is required usually ROM adaptives and PCB hot swap;

Partial ROM damage. Some part of data in the ROM is damaged and users need to clear this part to fix the ROM error; PCB burnt, need to find donor PCB to swap and keep original ROM; Firmware module damage. The most common one is A-list damage with LED error;

Heads get stuck on the platters and cannot go back to the parking area. Users need to unstuck the heads from the platters carefully;

Head damage, users can only find donor matching heads to swap. For new users, there’s no one selling heads only, users need to buy hard drives with good heads, take out the heads and then install the heads to the patient hdds;

Motor damage or stuck, users can only swap platters, put the data platters to donor hard drives.