The client wanted to recover the lost pictures and videos during his traveling to Tibet which was his first time by driving motorcycle and it was wonderful and unforgettable experience for him, so he wants to get those valuable memories back at any cost.

Model: Toshiba MQ01ABB200
Firmware: AY000U
Capacity: 2TB
Head Count: 8 heads Read more

A flash drive has data loss, when it is connected to PC, the device is detected but when trying to open it, it shows “device not formatted, format now?”

As we know, this is a typical file system corruption data loss, it can be caused by: bad sectors, virus or DBR failure. Read more

It’s one great news for all new clients from Australia to get the latest data recovery tools and technologies from Dolphin sydney data recovery tools sales and support center-Dolphin Sydney sales and technique support center starts to offer direct credit card payment and Flexi Rent services. Read more

The global economy development has a bad situation in these years, especially the traditional economy establishments have been severely affected and many people, companies are seeking new opportunities to survive the market and start new ventures. To start a good data recovery business is one very good choice with high level of entrance.

Within the world, very limited suppliers offer advanced and real working data recovery hardware tools and solutions, and the most important, technique support and data recovery resources. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has recently entered partnership with Proservice AS in Norway who will take care of the local sales and technique support in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Dolphin head office in China insist in offering the best technique support to all Dolphin users, but due to the time zones’ difference, it becomes difficult for some users and therefore, support from Dolphin resellers become critically important. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has created many data recovery tools to be used by data recovery engineers worldwide and our latest data recovery hardware-SRP USB3.0 has replaced our existing DFL-FRP, DFL-DE and DFL-DDP and now with the latest amazing flexible hardware, users can buy our tools at any hard drive data recovery need. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab offers complete hard drive data recovery solution to all potential Dolphin users!

Amazing News: Users get free head and platter swap tools between March 21-31, 2015 if users order Dolphin complete hard drive data recovery solutions!

For many users who want to enter data recovery business, they don’t know what tools to buy and which supplier to select and here Dolphin team tell you the only thing to check is that if the supplier has complete data recovery solutions for you. Read more

Mr. Md. Mahbub Hossain, who is engaged to Data Recovery about 8 years so far, he has been doing Data Recovery with full dedication past years in Bangladesh with great success.

We have verified his knowledge, capability & skills in different level of data recovery – logical to physical with the usage of Dolphin Data Lab data recovery tools. Read more

2015 will be one very important data recovery year for all Dolphin users, Dolphin team and all those who are interested in starting one data recovery sector or grow their data recovery capabilities. Dolphin Data Lab will release many helpful new data recovery tools and technologies within 2015 for your higher data recovery success rate. Read more

Recently many people are asking Dolphin engineers about the future of data recovery and therefore we are talking about this one today.

The future of data recovery is one very very important topic for those starting one data recovery sector or grow their data recovery capabilities.  To have one clear idea of the future of data recovery, it’s necessary to learn about the future of different storage medias, the future of different data recovery tools and the future of data recovery market/final users. Read more