Dolphin Data Lab has successfully completed the August advanced data recovery training and seen the clients off at the airport on August 23rd!

As for our advanced data recovery training, users can understand it more clearly from how our clients feedback to us:

Client-Ali Mohammed Alghamdi
Saudi Arabia Read more

Between August 19 and August 23,  Dolphin Data Lab is holding the advanced data recovery training course  based on our DFL series data recovery tools.

During this training, we focus on the Western Digital hdd repair and data recovery, Seagate hdd repair and data recovery and our DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment disk imaging, file recovery and common hdd repair of different hard drives.

On WD hdd repair and data recovery, we explained the general principles of repairing and recovering, went into details of each module, how to extract the module from tracks manually, how to find out the backup modules, how to understand each of the main modules by hex values, how to understand  the contents of SA module map, ROM module map, how to create ROM manually, how to repair bad sectors with different methods, etc. Read more

This news is to tell all clients who don’t have Dolphin Data Lab data recovery tools that all our tools are full-English programs.

We have recently got some doubts from some new clients asking if our data recovery programs are full-English because they saw some Chinese texts on our programs in some demo videos.

Here we must tell all new clients please don’t worry about this problem at all. As one world-class data recovery tools manufacturer and supplier, Read more

It’s a tradition that Dolphin Data Lab keeps in a close communication and cooperation with all our users and even many new clients who don’t have our tools are suggesting us to meet their new data recovery demands.

We are here reporting to all our users the latest working process of our research and development on new data recovery tools and solutions.

1, Working on the new version of DFL-DDP
2, Working on the new version of DFL-DE;
3, Working on the final stage of releasing DFL-STII;
4, Working on new USB hard drive data recovery solutions
5, Planning on the new upgrade of DFL-WDII.
6, Working on some other new data recovery and firmware repair tools.

Read more

There’re many data recovery tools in the market today including different priced and functioned data recovery software and hardware. However, We must disappoint you to say most of the tools are not actually working or meeting users’ needs.

Almost each country has engineers who are able to create data recovery software and therefore most data recovery kits users find are data recovery software utilities. As for data recovery hardware or data recovery hardware and software complex tools, few companies of few countries are able to manufacture them and support them due to the high cost of hardware design, hardware moduling,embedding codes,codes encryption,software integration, software testing, hardware firmware design, interface design
and coding, etc.

Data Recovery Hardware Or Software and Hardware Complex Tools Have A Higher Level Of Solutions To Damaged Hard Drives, Flash Drives, SSDs, etc. and therefore, if users are planning to start a data recovery business, start one in-house data recovery sector or improve their data recovery capabilities, users must select data recovery hardware or software and hardware complex tools. Read more

Since the launch of Dolphin Data Lab ‘Meet Dolphin’ activity, we have met hdd repair engineers and data recovery engineers worldwide in our office, they are mostly from USA, Japan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Australia, India, Tanzania, Canada, Lebanon, etc.

We are well prepared and ready to meet more engineers in the days coming at any time.

Engineers can bring the damaged hard drives, some difficult cases you meet in the data recovery labs and you can communicate and discuss with our developing engineers on possible causes of the failures, possilbe solutions to the failures and discuss on some new technologies and data recovery tips. Read more

To readers:
This data recovery method and steps are offered uniquely by Dolphin Data Lab, it’s not allowed to post it anywhere else without our permission.

We are using the following case study to explain the methods in details.

HDD ID: WD5000BMVV-11GNWS Capacity: 500GB
PCB number: 20607-701675-004
USB2.0 design

When the hdd was received from client, the engineer connected the hdd to the pc and check if it spun up normally, to find out if it clicked. The diagnosis proved it working fine. Read more

As more and more users have started using the new operating system Windows 7 64bit OS and Windows 8 64bit OS and they call pcs with these systems ‘modern computers’.

Dolphin Data Lab has already worked out the 64bit drivers for both DFL-DE device, DFL-DDP device and their COM ports. It’s easy for users to install these drivers following the manuals and run DFL-DE and DFL-DDP within the modern computers.

One of our major developing engineers-Mr. Wu is now especially working on the integration of the drivers with the DFL-DE and DFL-DDP hardware firmware and codes and he has offered his testing result as following:

Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is expanding its international reseller and partner network and we are planning to create multiple language versions of our data recovery tools with our resellers and partners.

As more and more real data recovery engineers from different countries are using DFL data recovery tools, it’s urgent for us to set up more localized support network and giving more helping hands to our users. We will keep our fast and comprehensive support to our users too, especially our forum support. The forum has contained many useful technique documents and topics which can help users understand more about our tools and hanlde more hdd repair and data recovery cases.

We have created the language resource file for DFL-DE data recovery tool, DFL-Data Dr. Pro USB3.0 data recovery equipment and DFL-WDII hdd repair tool and we will also create it for the coming new tools. Read more

The Spring Festival holiday has come to the end and most companies including shipping companies have come back from holiday to work.Shipping companies are able to pick the tools from us and ship worldwide from next Monday on February 18.

Dolphin Data Lab has been all the time processing the orders placed during the holiday and we will ship all the data recovery tools out on Monday. We have prepared and tested all the ordered products and all the necessary shipping documents.

Within the holiday, our engineers have been answering the forums with in-time support and help clients to fix their cases and besides, many of our respected friends are helping a lot in the forums too and we are here sending our best wishes and thanks to them. Read more