Dolphin data recovery tools offers a series of firmware repair and data recovery solutions for logical, firmware to physical data recovery cases. Among all these solutions, one of the typical physical data recovery case is head read-only cases. Read more

To make all data recovery tools and firmware repair tools powerful enough with latest technologies is one side, but to make all tools easier to use is another thing. One of Dolphin team’s biggest targets is to make all users use the tools more easily.

Dolphin team always manage to make all functions work more automatically and within all Dolphin tools, users can find many fast solutions by buttons, that is to say, users just need to simply click one button and can fix some common firmware damage. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is now releasing again new All in one setup program V1.7 and all Dolphin users can download and set this up for free from our user-only forum.

What are new in this all in one V1.7? Read more

Data recovery business is not simple investment that you invest and get return, it’s not one simple business you get data recovery tools and you earn, it is one serious high-tech field asking much on time and patience to learn and practize. To succeed in this field, users need some system work, not single work. Read more

Many people lose their valuable data by accidental format and after the format, users can find none data in their windows drives.

One question: if users format the drives, the data is really formatted and lost forever? The answer is no. Read more

Contaminated dead hard drive data recovery is always one hot topic and hot potato for all data recovery engineers because data recovery engineers can charge a high price on these cases but the success rate is low and to get lost data from these dead hard drives is very time-consuming.

This case is shared by Dolphin Bangladesh sales and support center-Data Recovery Station and they have successfully recover the lost data from one very dirty contaminated hard drive using Dolphin data recovery tools. Read more

In order to make all Dolphin users more successful with Dolphin DFL data recovery tools, Dolphin team work hard not only on all tools but also on Dolphin data recovery user manuals and tips and the latest manual V1.661 has been released and available in the Dolphin user-only forum.

This user manual can be used together with DFL-SRP USB3.0 for DE, DFL-PCIe DRE-4x for DE, DFL-DDP, DFL-URE. Read more

This is one WD 1TB SATA hard drive(WD10EVVS) real case study and when Dolphin data recovery engineers tried to scan the patient hard drives, and the scanning was very slow with some slight clicking noises and there’re many bad sectors and some surface area are weak too.

For such kind of sensitive weak hard drives with even downgraded magnetism, it is a must to image the patient hard drives first, the most important part for image is the selective head image. Read more

Dolphin team just helped one Dolphin user from Ethiopia who brought his data recovery case to the Dolphin head office in Chengdu and the client got all the data back.

In the week just before National Day holiday, an Ethiopian client visited Dolphin Data Lab to learn more about our data recovery tools and hope our engineers to repair his damaged WD hard drive with some important data in it. Read more

Symptoms: dropped Seagate portable hdd, after remove the external box, it is actually one Seagate SATA 5400.6 hard drive.

Model: ST9500325AS
Head Count: 4 heads
Firmware Version: 0003BSM1 Read more