This is one more successful Seagate ST1000LM035 undetected LED HDD firmware repair and data recovery case study from one DFL user in Indonesia.

Patient HDD ID:
Model number: ST1000LM035 1RK172
Family: Rosewood A5

HDD Repair Tools and Data Recovery Equipment Required:
DFL-SRP USB3.0 all-in-one Data Recovery Equipment

Error Messages within COM Terminal:

‘Boot 0x80M
Rst 0x80M
Srv DETCR init 0x0000


(P) SATA Reset



(DOS Table) Worst Count: 00000FF8 At SU: 0000523E NT: 00000000 OT: 000000C5
(MC POR Duration): 000000007B

Intel 6G->3G

Send Status: COMRESET seen

CSpd= 3Gbps


Update Mask – 000000000D0A3EB8 – 00000008 – 00

Update Mask – 000000000D0A3EC0 – 00000008 – 00

Starting LBA of RW Request=0001A13C9F Length=00001DD0

ProcessRWError -Read- at LBA 0001A147F9 Sense Code=43110081

Common path start quit now
ProcessRC: 00000000,00000000
SkipLen: 00000000
ReadContinuous: 01A1468F,00000350
NumUDEs: 0000002B,00000031,00000236
Passed: 00000080,00000153,000002FB


LED:0x000000BD FAddr:0x0000780F
LED:0x000000BD FAddr:0x0000780F
LED:0x000000BD FAddr:0x0000780F’

View and watch the Undetected LED ST1000LM035 1RK172 HDD Firmware Repair and Data Recovery Steps video case study here

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This is one undetected and unstable Seagate ST1000LM035-1RK172 hard drive data recovery case study for one DFL user from Australia. Read more

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